MedQIS® is a long-term care survey tool designed specifically to maintain survey compliance and quality management in skilled nursing facilities. It provides users with the ability to be proactive by analyzing survey results in a way that is similar to the methods and procedures of the CMS Quality Indicator Survey (QIS). Our uniquely designed and user-friendly survey software enables long-term care facilities to enhance quality of care while ensuring regulatory compliance.

MedQIS® uses the same calculations and thresholds as the QIS to identify residents at risk. This provides facilities with the tools they need to address their areas of concerns and develop efficient quality assurance programs.

At MedQIS®, we understand that all long-term care facilities are not alike and each geographic area has unique requirements. Smaller facilities generally operate with fewer resources and require solutions that are cost-effective. Using MedQIS® will help these facilities achieve established business objectives. On the other hand, large and multi-site providers and national chains require enterprise-level capabilities and centralized control to manage their business models across distributed geographies. MedQIS® is not just a survey software company; we are a hands-on partner to longterm care facilities, helping them become the most successful providers in their markets. Our web-based solutions help long-term care providers, from single-home independent facilities to national chains, stay on top of the survey process.

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The Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) is designed to reflect the care given to the residents while comprehensively assessing compliance with the federal and state regulations. All Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) and Nursing Facilities (NFs) are required to be in compliance with the requirements of 42 CFR Part 483, Subpart B to receive payment under the Medicare or Medicaid programs. At MedQIS®, we believe survey preparation should be a continuous process and involves multiple dimensions. This program is uniquely-designed for long-term care providers of all sizes to achieve survey readiness 24/7. The value of MedQIS® goes beyond survey readiness and focuses on delivering quality care, ensuring customer satisfaction, tracking and analyzing unplanned discharges, analyzing MDS, and creating performance improvement programs.

MedQIS® is a hands-on approach to survey preparation. Using our software in conducting resident, family and staff interviews, observations, records reviews, MDS analyses and completing mandatory tasks, your facility will measure your organization's compliance with the current standards of practice. Whether your state survey process is QIS or traditional, our software will assist you in regulatory matters and will effectively prepare your organization for survey. Our Stage II Analysis will assist your facility in identifying all major areas of concern and developing an action plan for quality improvement. MedQIS® is unique in that it creates a pathway of corrective actions for facilities to follow, a step-by-step guide to improved quality of care. This will guide the facility in a structured manner to address concerns at both an individual resident and facility-wide level using QAPI programs.

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Consistent use of MedQIS® helps long-term care facilities prepare for both QIS and traditional surveys. Our ongoing resident, family, and staff interviews, along with observations, MDS analyses and clinical records reviews will enable the facility to identify the root causes of issues as part of the Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) programs.

Even if your state has not adopted the QIS survey process yet, implementing the MedQIS® program will enable you to be ahead of the curve. Facilities can develop efficient and effective Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) programs directly from the trigger areas identified by the Care Area Risk Assessment. This will also enable facilities to develop corrective action plans to rectify problems and develop unique customer service programs.

At MedQIS®, we believe in using data for survey compliance as well as quality assurance. Customers who use MedQIS® get the advantage of a Stage II Analysis that links directly to QAPI programs. Using our system as a guide, facilities can develop corrective action plans that will support continuous quality improvement and survey compliance. Unlike our competitors, we have designed our product to help facilities directly convert data to action.

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Nursing facility residents frequently experience potentially avoidable inpatient hospitalizations. Unplanned transfers to hospitals are often expensive, disruptive, and disorienting for frail elders and people with disabilities. Nursing facility residents are especially vulnerable to the risks that accompany hospital stays and transitions between nursing facilities and hospitals, including medication errors, in-house acquired wounds and hospital-acquired infections. and hospital-acquired infections. CMS research has found that approximately 45% of hospital admissions among those receiving either Medicare or Medicaid nursing home services could have been avoided, accounting for 314,000 potentially avoidable hospitalizations. The CMS Initiative to reduce avoidable hospitalizations among Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) residents is designed to improve care for residents living in nursing facilities who are enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid. Through this program, CMS is partnering with independent organizations that will partner with nursing facilities to implement evidencebased interventions that both improve care and lower costs for SNF residents.

MedQIS® is specially designed to track and analyze all unplanned discharges. Facilities have the ability to review and compare current and previous unplanned discharges and prepare customized reports. Diagnoses such as CHF, MI, Pneumonia, COPD, CABG, UTI, Dehydration, Sepsis, and Change in Mental Status are tracked individually and collectively. The system has the capability to use BEST PUT (Background Evaluation, Stabilization and Treatment to Prevent Unplanned Transfers) and our unique tool to conduct Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (BEST PUT QAPI) with live resident data.

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Input from consumers has become an important part of Quality Improvement in longterm care and for consumer decision-making. With so much emphasis on quality and satisfaction in healthcare, nursing homes have begun to measure their performance through customer satisfaction surveys.

MedQIS® helps facilities learn what residents and families say about their experiences with nursing homes, which enables facilities to develop Quality Improvement programs. There is growing recognition that nursing home quality must be congruent with the needs and preferences of residents and their families.

MedQIS® aids nursing facilities to assess customer satisfaction and develop evidence based management tools to better achieve their organization's goals. Our survey tool is designed to include both short-term and long-term care residents and their family members.

Components of our resident and family satisfaction survey include Nursing Care, Rehabilitation Services, Physician Services, Food and Dining Services, Housekeeping and Laundry, Resident Activities, Social Workers Responsiveness and Responsiveness of Administration.

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Using MedQIS® helps facilities to analyze risk management issues on a consistent basis.

Major incidences or occurrences, such as fall with injury, injury of unknown origin, elopement, in-house acquired wound, bruise/ laceration, fracture, sexual misconduct/ rape, resident to resident altercations, allegation of abuse, visitor incident, neglect, employee incident, medication error, theft, misappropriation, discharge AMA, death other than natural causes, equipment malfunction, etc., are tracked for trending.

As the risk management information is confidential and privileged for facilities’ quality assurance purpose only, outside agencies are not entitled to receive any of these reports.

Using MedQIS® will help the facility tremendously to manage risk factors.

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